Social Media Content Packages

100 Important Days In 2023 – Social Media Designs


Be ready to post on your Social Media accounts for all the Important Days In 2023. 

We have created over 100 social media designs for the important days in 2023 that people and businesses celebrate.

This social media content bundle is perfect for the busy entrepreneur or marketing team. It help’s you save time as it comes complete with a social media post caption of up to 280 characters (perfect if you have Twitter too!) and two hashtag sets.

As an extra bonus, the social media post designs are also made so they can be re-used year after year if you like.

Just set your post up and you are done! Design can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It is super easy to personalise the posts by adding your brand or industry hashtags to the social media post as well!

There are so many World or International days on the calendar it is hard to keep across them. Let alone recognise them in an eye-catching way.

This is a great opportunity to show you are culturally in tune with what is happening in the world and to connect with a new audience of potential followers or customers.

The content creation team at Chatter Digital have been busy designing high quality designs for all the important days in 2023 and this is an opportunity for you to have exclusive access to it.