Social Media Content Packages

Social Media Engagement Service (blocks of 1 hour)


One of the hardest things to do as a business owner is to stay on top of your social media engagement activities to grow your follower base.

Engaging with potential customers and their posts, following new prospects, replying to comments, liking and sharing other peoples posts and tweets to get their attention – it all takes time! If you don’t have the budget to employ your own social media engagement resource then consider using our professional team to take care of this for you.

Purchase the number of hours you want and we will get in touch to confirm your goals and objectives. From there, we will take care of the rest.

Note: Rates are $10 per 1 hour block. This can be spread across one social channel or multiple channels. For this service to work at its best, it does require admin access to be granted to your pages. Rest assured we take that responsibility and trust placed in us very seriously.

Don’t have all your social media accounts set up yet? We can help – take a look at our Social Media Account Creation service or even better, our Protect My Brand package to secure your brand on up to 300 different platforms.