The Best Instagram Hashtags To Use Each Day of the Week

Best Instagram Hashtags For Each Day of the Week

Do you use Instagram hashtags consistently as part of your social media content strategy?

Hashtags are an essential component of any social media post to help give you exposure to a particular audience or topic. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or social media newbie, this article will explore the most popular Instagram hashtags for each day of the week.

If you are an Instagram user, hashtags are a great way to stay updated with the latest posts about a particular topic and to engage in some discussion – or to simply double tap! 

Millions of businesses use hashtags to develop brand awareness, viral posts and sales conversions. But the good news is it doesn’t matter who you are, great content supported by the right hashtags can bring huge success and exposure to your social media posts and your profile.

Whether you are an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, Instagram Hashtags offer a lot of value and are something worth understanding.

So let’s get into it!


Why Use Popular Daily Hashtags on Instagram

You probably recognise many of these – #mondaymotivation, #tuesdaytips, #wednesdaywisdom, #thursdaythoughts…

There are millions of people following these popular daily hashtags around the world making it a great way to give your post the chance of global exposure.

Without hashtags, your post will only be seen by your existing followers, and that is if the Instagram algorithm actually shows it to them. 

Instagram hashtags give you a fighting chance to get more exposure, more post engagement, more followers and achieve the goals you set out for – whether that be to get sales, educate people, or promote your personal brand.

So if you are looking for more Instagram engagement or perhaps inspiration and new post ideas, then read on!

The Best Monday Hashtags for Instagram

Monday is a great day for posting on Instagram. Why? Because it is the start of the working week and people are looking to extend that weekend feeling by checking our cool Instagram posts and avoiding the drag of a new working week – is this true for you?

As a business, it is a great time to talk about your goals for the week as a business, some great achievements, or some promotions that you may be running.

The hashtag #Monday has a total of 51.8M posts! Here are some of the largest Instagram hashtags by volume on a Monday.

  1. #mondaymotivation             25.7M
  2. #happymonday                       9.7M
  3. #motivationmonday               9.5M
  4. #mondaymood                           9M
  5. #mondaymorning                   3.7M

While Monday Hashtags are super popular on Instagram, one downside is that your post will be lost amongst the thousands or millions of others who are using the same hashtags.

It is why quality content and the time that you post are important considerations. Make sure the time that you post is aligned to your target audience.

Another good tip is to mix it up with some less common hashtags that will have a very unique audience – for example #mondaymorningwalkNYC may have a very small number of posts, so anyone who looks it up is much more likely to see your post. 

The audience may also be more appropriate for your account. Let’s say you are a New York City coffee shop. People doing a Monday morning walk and tagging themselves in a post with this Instagram hashtag are probably an account that would be good to engage with as are a potential new customer.

#monday (51.8M posts) 

Simply search #monday and you will see all the posts using this hashtag. You will be able to switch between the most popular posts and the most recent posts.

The #monday hashtag is exploring what people are going to do at the start of the week. It may be inspiration, new goals or plans, or even promotions.

Recent Monday Hashtags for Instagram
Top Monday Hashtags for Instagram

#mondaymotivation (25.7M posts)

#MondayMotivation is the second most popular hashtag on Instagram for a Monday and you can understand why – everyone needs a bit of extra motivation and inspiration on  Monday. 

From quotes right through to stories, #MondayMotivation is sure to give you a good hit to get the start of your week firing and is a great platform to share your motivational content.

Monday Motivation - Monday Instagram Hashtags
Monday Motivation - Best Monday Instagram Hashtags

The Best Tuesday Hashtags for Instagram

Tuesday does not have as many big volume hashtags like a Monday. The #Tuesday hashtag itself only has 21.7M posts,  but there are certainly a number of popular hashtags that are used around the world. 

Below is a sample of the top Tuesday Instagram hashtags by volume of posts.

  1. #ttransformationtuesday                    15.9M     
  2. #tacotuesday                                           4.6M
  3. #tuesdaymotivation                                3.2M
  4. #tuesdayvibes                                          2.2M     
  5. #tuesdaythoughts                                    1.4M

#tuesdayvibes (2.2M posts)

Got some fun, engaging and interesting content? Consider using #TuesdayVibes to connect with people looking for this type of material.

Tuesday Vibes - Best Tuesday Instagram Hashtags
Tuesday Vibes - Tuesday Instagram Hashtags

#tuesdaythoughts (1.4M posts)

A lot of the best speakers share their thoughts and tag #tuesdaythoughts. For content creators who love to write and share their thoughts, this hashtag is right for them. If you are looking for inspiring, insightful and just down right funny content, then a quick search of #tuesdaythoughts is going to help you out.

Tuesday Thoughts - Tuesday Instagram Hashtags
Tuesday Thoughts - Best Tuesday Instagram Hashtags

The Best Wednesday Hashtags for Instagram

Wednesday is “Hump Day” so you are going to be getting a lot of Instagram users scrolling their phones looking for cool stuff to look at!

The hashtag #Wednesday has 22.1M posts. Check out the other top Wednesday Instagram hashtags by volume below.

1. #wednesdaywisdom                                3.8M
2. #wednesdaymotivation                           1.5M
3. #wellnesswednesdy                                 1.5M
4. #workoutwednesday                                   1M
5. #wednesdaynight                                      733K

Remember, you can always customise these hashtags to get a narrower, more targeted audience and combine it with other relevant hashtags.

Consider a combination like #wednesdaynight, #wednesdaynightmovies, #datenight, #popcorn as an example.

#wednesdaywisdom (3.8M posts)

Consider yourself wise? Got something wise to say? Then tag it with #wednesdaywisdom. Don’t forget you can also tag your followers in posts and it can be a powerful combination if your post is relevant to them. They will likely engage with your post but may even share your post on their Instagram Stories as well.

Wednesday Wisdom - Best Wednesday Instagram Hashtags
Wednesday Wisdom - Wednesday Instagram Hashtags

#workoutwednesday (1M posts)

People are showing their skills and how they stay fit with the #workoutwednesday hashtag. If you offer a product or service focussed on the health and fitness sector, or you provide a service that saves people time so they can do more exercise and get fit, then the #workoutwednesday Instagram hashtag may be a good one for you to use.

Workout Wednesday - Best Wednesday Instagram Hashtags
Workout Wednesday - Wednesday Instagram Hashtags

The Best Thursday Hashtags for Instagram

Show the pictures of your business and employees from the early days with #throwbackthursday hashtags, or maybe it’s a photo with a crazy haircut from your youth. 

The #tbt hashtag is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram with a massive 573M posts compared to #thursday which as only 22.3M. Who doesn’t like to look back in time, even if it is to have a laugh at ourselves!

  1. #tbt                                                          573M
  2. #thursdaythoughts                                 2.1M 
  3. #thursdaynight                                        1.4M
  4. #thursdayvibes                                           2M
  5. #thursdaymood                                       766K

#tbt (573M posts)

There are a huge variety of #tbt hashtag that you should consider using as well. Just take a look at them in the image below.

TBT - Thursday Instagram Hashtags
Throwback Thursday - Thursday Instagram Hashtags

#thursdaythoughts (2.1M posts)

You can use #thursdaythoughts to share your own thoughts but it is also good to ask for opinions of your followers to trigger more engagement. Don’t forget to engage in posts you like as well via a comment or a share on your Instagram stories, especially if it is an account you want to connect with and possibly do business with.

Thursday Thoughts - Thursday Instagram Hashtags
Thursday Thoughts - Best Thursday Instagram Hashtags

The Best Friday Hashtags for Instagram

#fridaynight and #fridayfeeling are the popular hashtags on Instagram. #foodiefriday and #featurefriday show quotes and good photos. The foodie Friday hashtags is an excellent way to consumer-generated content. 

#FollowFriday is a good one to use to recognise new followers you have gained during the week, though it is a more popular practice on Twitter.

#Friday has a total of 78.6M posts. Here are some of the other popular Friday Instagram hashtags.

1.#fridaynight                                                 15.7M
2. #fridayfeeling                                               3.8M
3. #fridaynightlights                                         1.5M
4. #fridayfun                                                      1.5M
5. followfriday                                                    1.2M

Like you, we love Friday’s the most out of any day of the week, so we have written a dedicated article on the best Friday hashtags to use. It covers hashtags for social media in general so check it out!

#fridaynight (15.7M posts)

Celebrating a successful week with your team, major milestones or just doing something really unique and fun? Tag it with #fridaynight.

It makes for interesting viewing to see what different people around the world are doing on their Friday nights too. Don’t limit yourself to posts, take a look at live videos and reels for even more fun content to give you a Friday night laugh.

Friday Night - Best Friday Instagram Hashtags
Friday Night - Friday Instagram Hashtags

The Best Saturday Hashtags for Instagram

Saturday can be an interesting one for Instagram – engagement can be low as people are typically doing things rather than scrolling Instagram posts. That said, you can still benefit from using the right Instagram hashtags to tag your Saturday content. Below are some of the common ones!

#Saturday has over 73.5M posts. Here are some of the other popular Saturday Instagram hashtags.

  1. #saturdaynight                                                22.3M
  2. #saturdayvibes                                                  8.3M
  3. #saturdaymoring                                               4.9M
  4. #smallbusinesssaturday                                  2.3M
  5. #saturdayselfie                                                  848K

#saturdaynight (22.3M posts)

One word comes to mind when we think about #SaturdayNight – FUN!

Saturday Night - Saturday Instagram Hashtags
Saturday Night - Best Saturday Instagram Hashtags

#saturdaymoring (4.9M posts)

Starting your Saturday by doing some workouts or breakfast at your favourite local cafe? Perhaps you are about to kick off your weekend renovation project? A trip out of town a picturesque part of your local area? #SaturdayMorning is a good Instagram hashtag to use.

If you are a business owner, people are always looking for fun things to do on the weekend, so this is a great way to get your product or service out there. Perhaps its a relaxing massage, time to look sharp with a haircut, or a sale on the latest video game that has just come out. You can use the #SaturdayMorning Instagram hashtag to your advantage.

Saturday Morning - Best Saturday Instagram Hashtags
Saturday Morning - Saturday Instagram Hashtags

The Best Sunday Hashtags for Instagram

Sunday – a day for rest, a day for family, a day for religion or a day to recover from #SaturdayNight. It means different things to different people. Pick the right hashtag to reflect what it means to you and your post.

The hashtag #Sunday has a whopping 114M posts. Here are some of the popular ones Sunday hashtags.

1.#sundayfunday                                              56.5M   
2. #sundayvibes                                                12.4M                                                               
3. #sundaybrunch                                                2.5M
4. #sundaymoring                                                1.4M
5. #sundaybest                                                     792K

#sundaybrunch (2.5M posts)

Food lovers always fill their Instagram Grid and Stories with #sundaybrunch.

If you are a restaurant or cafe, you can use it, combined with a promoted post to gain new customers on a Sunday morning. You can also use this approach with Instagram hashtags to try and connect with customers who are in your local area. For this, consider searching a more targeted hashtag like #SundayBrunchLondon – only a few hundred posts so almost certainly those people will be potential customers.

Sunday Brunch - Sunday Instagram Hashtags
Sunday Brunch - Best Sunday Instagram Hashtags

The Final Wrap On Instagram Hashtags

You can have a lot of fun with Instagram hashtags every day of the week. It is important to use them strategically, and also consistently.

For example, if you tag a post with a hashtag only once, the chances of your brand being seen is quite low, but if you use a hashtag regularly then the increase significantly.Either way, it makes sense to use Instagram has

htags to get your content more exposure. It costs nothing, so you have nothing to lose!

If you would like help to create professional Instagram posts, complete with captions and customised hashtags, then Chatter Digital is a full service social media content creation agency who can help you. Start by taking a look at our content boosters and select a content pack that suits your platform and your needs.

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