8 Tips to Choose the Right Hashtag on Instagram

8 Tips to Choose the Right Hashtag on Instagram

Hashtags! They are seemingly insignificant items, but they are essential for assisting users in finding relevant content on social media. In this article, we look at how to find the right hashtag on Instagram to help boost your social media posts.

You have undoubtedly seen hashtags if you use social media. The maximum number of hashtags you can use on Instagram for a single post is 30 hashtags. There are no limits on other social media platforms on how many hashtags you can use. In some cases, posts contain more hashtags than plain text. If you are curious about the average number of hashtags used in an Instagram post, check out this article by Statista.

Interestingly, hashtags first appeared as a modern approach to plan for and initiate conversations between people with common interests. Since then, they have developed into one of the foundational elements of social media marketing.

You can select your hashtag on Instagram to create your particular social media feed. Social media platforms like Instagram that support hashtags function as a hashtag aggregator tool by aggregating all relevant posts using that hashtag on Instagram during a search.

What Makes the Hashtag on Instagram Important

The truth is that hashtags on Instagram are a potent tool to help market your business, even though they may appear worthless to a newbie. This is so that they may broaden your audience, strengthen your brand, and spread your content to the right audiences on Instagram.

Using the right hashtag on Instagram is one of the simplest ways to reach people outside your present following. By including relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts, individuals looking for such keywords will have no trouble finding them and may decide to follow your business.

Hashtags are more than a passing trend on Instagram or any other social media platform. Instead, they significantly boost engagement. Because of this, companies put a lot of effort into choosing the appropriate hashtags and attempting to invent their own unique, popular hashtags. Popular Twitter hashtags were analysed by HubSpot, which discovered that some generated over a 1,000% boost in engagement.

Your clients and followers will view your brand as a leader in your sector if it uses the right hashtag on Instagram for your posts.

Making Use of a Hashtag Aggregator Tool

In essence, a social media network is a giant hashtag aggregator. When you use the search tool to look for a word or phrase, the results include hashtags connected to and that match your search term.

You should, however, be a little more explicit. For instance, if the goal of your brand is to build a more sustainable future, you could only want to collect articles with hashtags related to wildlife conservation. A hashtag aggregator tool can be helpful in this situation.

You select only the hashtags you desire (more on how to pick the right hashtags coming right up). The programme then extracts only those hashtags from the networks you’ve selected. You include the stream on your website or even a meeting or event. As a result, engagement increases, and your brand becomes more well-known as a reliable information source.

Remember that you don’t always have to post anything original and creative. The act of simply compiling the chats is an excellent engagement and marketing approach.

Selecting the Correct Hashtag on Instagram

Of course, choosing the appropriate hashtag on Instagram is essential if you want to gather the freshest content. Without further ado, here is how it is accomplished:

1. Study influential people on Instagram

Influencers play an essential role in the marketing of brands. It is helpful to look for Instagram influencers in your niche. You can use them to rapidly find the trendiest hashtag on Instagram that is pertinent to your brand.

Consider using platforms like Grin or Heepsey if you need help finding influencers. They can also help you find the influencers with the most sway in your sector.

2. Use Social Media Management Tools for Research

Most social networking sites that support hashtags provide tools that let you see what’s popular now. For instance, a list of the most popular hashtags is displayed when you sign in to Twitter. While it doesn’t imply that you should employ things, it can be worth looking into if you find something pertinent to your campaign or business.

You can also look up a hashtag on Instagram to see which posts have been the most popular or see the most recent posts on Instagram using that hashtag. It is a great wait to get some inspiration for your social media content (or check out our top 32 social media content ideas here)

Analyse any available social media analytics (under the network’s settings). These frequently list popular hashtags as well as those that are relevant to your brand. If nothing else, you might discover other, more effective, relevant hashtags.

3. Use analytics software and hashtag aggregators.

You should probably conduct some hashtag research to find the appropriate hashtags before employing a hashtag aggregator service. Use third-party solutions if a social media network’s built-in capabilities cannot provide the information you want.

Using a social media management platform like Sprout Social, Social Pilot, or Sendible will also provide tools to help you with hashtag research or social listening.

You don’t need to worry about breaking your budget, either. There are plenty of free or low-cost options to discover and monitor hashtags to find what’s best for your brand. These assist you in deciding which hashtags to utilise for your posts and which ones to aggregate.

Choose a few hashtags that apply to your company, and then keep an eye on the posts to determine which other hashtags are prevalent in your industry. Consider the content’s quality before selecting the appropriate hashtags for you.

4. Understand Hashtags & How They Can Be Effective

A hashtag may be popular, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will be helpful to you. A popular hashtag might not be appropriate for your brand’s image. It is essential to do your homework before choosing a hashtag to use. Make sure it will work for the topic you are focussing on.

By researching, you can be confident that whatever hashtag you use will help your company. Otherwise, you can find yourself endorsing inappropriate causes or situations that could be bad for business.

Be selective with hashtags you use on your normal IG grid, compared to what you might use on IG Stories. Speaking of IG stories, Adobe has released a free online Instagram Story Maker via their tool Adobe Express. Adobe Express is a web-based creative platform that makes creating professional-looking graphics, videos, and much more easy. They have a free and a premium version. 

5. Choose a Unique Hashtag on Instagram for your Business

You can launch your discussion and campaign by developing your own branded hashtag on Instagram. Choose a slogan that appeals to your target market and is memorable and distinctive.

Despite many hashtags being out there, you can create something original with some work.

6. Apply Prominent Hashtags

In addition to being distinctive, the hashtag must convey its message. It must be appropriate for the occasion or campaign in which you plan to use it. Make sure it is unambiguous.

If your hashtag’s message is not very clear, it may wind up relaying the incorrect message.

To further emphasise the point, look at this illustrative example: #therapist. A specific hashtag, although it might be misinterpreted. Some individuals mistook the user’s actual intent, which was “Therapist,” for “The Rapist.” Ensure your hashtag is clear to your audience so they can use it.

7. Keep Your Hashtag on Instagram Short and Clear

Always keep in mind that simplicity makes things easier to understand. Not to add, the simpler it is to use, the better. Because of this, it’s best to use brief, clear hashtags. A long hashtag on Instagram can be challenging to read. Please stay away from them as much as you can.

Ideally, keep your hashtag on Instagram to a maximum of 10 characters. It shouldn’t take the audience long to understand your hashtag for it to get traction. If something is challenging to understand, many individuals will ultimately skip it. Consider utilising just one branded hashtag on Instagram for each campaign.

8. Verify the Hashtag on Instagram is Relevant.

The main goal of hashtag use is to expand your audience. As a result, you have already lost the race if your hashtag does not communicate information about your business. The hashtag you employ ought to be relevant to your offerings.

You cannot simply use any well-known hashtag. If you are not attentive, you might promote someone else simply because you did not choose your hashtag on Instagram carefully enough.

Remember that you should never leave a hashtag on Instagram unattended once you have started using it. This is due to the possibility that a hashtag might head on a different path regardless of age. You can track your hashtags with platforms thanks to technology.

Promote your hashtag if you want it to receive the traffic it needs. Let it work for you to get exposure to as many people as possible with the message. Get consumers to utilise it in their tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts by putting it in your products, mentioning it in your advertising, and encouraging them to do so.

Keep in mind that each social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, has its rules for how hashtags function. As a result, tailoring your material to each channel rather than sharing the same content across all networks can bring more outstanding results.

Final Recap For Choosing the Right Hashtag on Instagram

Hashtags are essential for marketing your goods and services on Instagram and other social media channels. They can help you expand your market reach and strengthen your brand when used effectively. Therefore, if you haven’t been using hashtags, now is the time to do so.

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