6 Easy Ways To Grow Your Business Brand on Social Media

Grow Your Business Brand On Social Media

Social media has become the best place for developing and improving sales and engagement for your business. A firm commitment to grow your business brand on an social media is an essential step in your business planning to achieve your goals successfully. This way of presenting your business is a new way of communication between the company and the customers.

A brand is not just a logo. It is how people perceive your product, business, or even you as a person. By creating a strong brand presence on social media, you can better reach your target audience and goals. So, when it comes to being better, it’s important to invest some time, research, and thought.

These are some of the crucial steps for making the most of your business marketing via social media.

Define your brand

Before you can grow your business brand, you need to define your brand; what is your brand called? What is the main purpose? Why is it worth following and listening to you? And why it is different than others?

Your brand that appears on social media platforms must be unified. Create a characteristic title, which will be not long, but precise about what you offer on the market. 

With this step, you present the initial idea of the brand, and you attract people to keep reading.

Design a logo

Design a unique and creative logo for your brand that will represent the brand’s philosophy. This will help to promote your brand’s idea and to draw attention to your target audience. That is your identity. 

Creating a simple and striking logo will help your target audience to be more attracted.

Some great places to have a logo created cost effectively include CanvaFiverr and Upwork.

Knowing your tone 

Tone and language are tricky things when it comes to written communication.

To know your tone describes how your brand communicates with your audience and how they perceive your message. You must adjust your tone according to the circumstances. This will determine your values, brand’s personality, and purposes.

Consistency the key to grow your business brand

Growing your brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, dedication, and consistency. 

For your brand to grow in the right way you need to be consistent and patient. Be active, post methodically, and strategically. To be consistent is to build trust, deliver effective work, and profitably. Also, you need to know when is the best time to post social media content – both as a general rule but also more specifically for your target audience. 

Did you know our social media management platform has an inbuilt feature to determine the optimal post time for each platform?

Relevant posts

It is important to know to keep social media posts relevant, meaningful, and simple. Boring and repetitive titles will set you back. Posting fresh and updating content will keep your brand at the top of the timeline. You always need to track what’s new and to keep updated with the newest content in your market or niche. It will bring your audience to stay focused on your brand and will always come back to you. 

Do you need some inspiration on what to post? Take a look at some of our social media content ideas here.

Another part you need to follow is to know what story to post and how you will write it. You should choose a clear message, have a clear structure so that you could engage your audience.

You can also use tools to help you track if your content is at the top of page rankings or you need your post to bring up to date.

Social media is the best place to grow your business brand and create a strong online presence. Be sure not to use it only as a tool for brand development and marketing, but also as an effective way to standout and keep your customers engaged and interested. Responding to comments and making your audience feel like their voice is heard are important components.

Responding and take appropriate action on feedback, good or bad, is also another effective way to show your audience that you care about their opinions and will use them to continuously improve your operations.

Know and improve your engagement rate 

Engagement rate is how your audience is involved with the posts you share. Engaged customers interact with likes, comments, and social shares.  The engagement rate is calculated simply by the total number of interactions your post received, divided by the total followers, multiplied by 100. This is a crucial key if you want your brand to get more followers, more engaged customers, and to stay like that.

Because the engagement rate is a measurement tool, according to the statistics different social media platforms have different engagement rates. A good engagement rate is considered to have higher than 3%. That means that your target audience is very engaged with your content. If your rate is below 1%, it means that your target audience as a whole is not engaged enough with the content.

If you want to boost your business and get a high engagement rate, the first thing is to be actively involved in your area. Consistent research, education, following trends, updating your page will l always get you to be in the right spot.

Every platform has a different target audience and they have different expectations of what to see on the platform. Every content you post needs to be relevant and interesting. That means that the post is always new and updated, and can attach eyeballs on content. This will save you time and resources.

Always focus on the frequency of the posts. That will increase even to 50% of your target audience.

Knowing the right time for posting is also a crucial thing to get a high engagement rate, and get improved day by day and this can vary across the different social media platforms.

There is no faster way to grow your business brand than to have an above average engagement rate, so give it the attention it requires. 


The average Instagram engagement rate is from 3 to 4%. That means that Instagram has the highest rate, compared to other social media. To remain like that you have to be consistent. According to Instagram’s algorithm, the timeline is moving from chronological to highlight. Updating your posts and writing fresh content will make you appear in the feed first. Also, the standard posts per day are 1-2 posts

The best time to post is from 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Friday. Use hashtags. Most content on Instagram is filtered with hashtags. That will help you bring on the top posts. Under the high-resolution photo, use adequate hashtags and content following the picture.


The average Facebook engagement rate is around 3%. Facebook’s algorithm prioritized interactions from family and friends over content from brands. But, the most effective tactic is to make sure you’re posting at the right time. The best time to post is from 9 am to 2 pm, from Tuesdays to Fridays. Facebook is the second best online platform to boost your brand. Focus on quality instead of quantity.

Analyze your posts. Give a reply when someone comments on your content. When someone takes time to leave a comment on your post, you should take that as positive feedback on your content. Because people are overwhelming obsessed to interact with brands, that’s why brands who return to comment get more interactions and engaged audience. It shows that you are listening to them and that they are important to you.

Take a look at some of the social media content examples we have created for happy customers.


The average engagement rate of LinkedIn is 1%. LinkedIn is growing faster than expected.  Its engagement rate is higher than Twitter. It is different than other social media because on this platform you share significant amounts of information about your business or profession and what you are working on.

Tell a story. Telling a story with hashtags will get your audience to read, like, and share your posts. The best time to post on LinkedIn is variable, but according to some statistics is best in the morning from Monday to Friday. And if you’re a new company, you should gain more connections so you have more interactions.

LinkedIn’s algorithm has more emphasis on those who post frequently. So, if you want to get a high engagement rate then it is better to post 3-4 times per day. Prioritize your replying to posts for building more interactions. By giving feedback to customers, it means that you are actively involved in your company and the needs of your audience.

If your target audience are SME’s, large corporate”s or professionals the LinkedIn is the best social media platform to grow your business brand. 


The average engagement rate of Twitter is 0.5%, which means it is less than Facebook and LinkedIn. The main aim of Twitter is that tweets have to be short and concise. The time also matters. The best time to post is from 9 am to 4 pm, with emphasis from 11 pm to 1 pm, from Monday to Friday.

For more functionality, you need to use the right hashtags. If you want to engage with other users, you should start to interact first. You should follow them, retweet their post, comment, like, etc. This is an important key because, with more interactions, they can more likely to pay attention to what you post. This will help to increase the engagement rate and to build interactions with your brand and your audience. 

Another tip is to respond when someone tweets to you. Retweeting is essential for all brands because you leave a great impression that you follow a trend, you’re interested in other opinions and ideas. That will make you gain positive feedback and a high engagement rate.

Final thoughts

Growing your business brand and engagement rate on social media is an important part of your overall brand strategy. With more and more companies improving their strategy every day, it is important you dont get left behind. 

There are all tips you should pay attention to, whether you are a new start up, a small business or a large corporate. 

Whichever online platform you choose, you must earn the engagement rate. But also your rate depends on your availability, consistency, post relevancy, target audience, how many followers you have and how many interactions your post has.

The main key to successfully build a strong brand on social media is to be patient, consistent, and to stay tuned. Things take time, and time matters.

This is where Chatter Digital can support you, by giving you the quality & consistency needed to develop your brand without a significant investment from your time. Take a look at plans for content creation services and let us help you grow your business brand.

Remember to check our latest articles page often as we will be posting content regularly to help you stay informed with the latest in the social media content creation world.

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