What is Best for Growing Website Visitors: Social Media or SEO?

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We often get asked what the benefits of social media marketing over SEO for growing the number of website visitors for your business. And it is a great question to explore!

As a digital marketing agency, we focus on two essential channels for growing your brand presence, website visitors and sales. The first is SEO; you can check our SEO packages here

The second is social media marketing, which is this article’s focus.

How Social Media Marketing Will Grow Your Website Visitors

Social media marketing is among the most straightforward and efficient techniques to get significant website visitors for any business. 

That is not to argue that SEO doesn’t work; it does, and we adore it. Our business depends on it, as do our clients, and SEO has helped us become a leading digital marketing agency.

A fascinating statistic is that 74% of social media users actively utilise social media platforms to decide what to buy.

These days, social media influencers and social marketplaces are vast, and they can promote your goods and services rapidly and successfully.

Additionally, 50% of adult internet users claim that when a brand uses social media marketing, it makes it easier for consumers to find goods or services that match their needs and drive traffic to their website.

In essence, businesses use targeted advertisements on social media that many people claim they never click on and don’t work, but people do. Google and Facebook wouldn’t be as successful as they are today if this wasn’t the case.

If you want to reach younger audiences, they are currently glued to TikTok, Instagram, and even Snapchat.

At a conference in 2022, Google Senior Vice President (now Cheif Commercial Officer) Pranhakar Raghavan stated that according to their statistics, close to 40% of young people turn to TikTok or Instagram instead of Google Maps or Search when seeking a place to eat.

Adults spend more time than ever on social media, and the average daily usage time is 95 minutes or more than an hour and a half. This is plenty of time for your adverts to be viewed and converted to a sale on your website. And if a senior Google official is concerned about the growth of social media, you should be too when it comes to increasing the number of website visitors for your business. 

According to HootSuite, Instagram Story advertising will generate up to 16 billion in global sales by 2022.

Consider how affordable it is and how simple and quick it is to produce an Instagram Story. One of the main reasons I prefer social media to SEO is that social enables me to change course rapidly. 

Again, we adore SEO, but because it takes so long to see results, social media allows you to pivot, identify what’s working, and incorporate it into your SEO approach.

Social media is dynamic, yet you can quickly identify what is effective and ineffective without waiting for an algorithm update or for someone to index your content.

You’re probably wondering at this point: “Social algorithms suck, they continue to limit my reach”.  You did mention advertisements, so why should I embrace social media? I don’t want to spend that much money on ads.

Well, consider it like this. Whether it’s TikTok, Google, or Bing, all platforms, social or search, have algorithms you have no influence over, and over time, they have all made it more difficult to get found.

You won’t need to visit websites in Google search results so much because they continue to display more content in their search results to give instant answers.

If you need clarification on what we mean, you can just type in your city’s current weather on Google, and you’ll see what I mean. You don’t need to click on weather.com or visit any other websites; the temperature is displayed there.

A year ago, TikTok had far greater reach than it does now. It is still a fantastic platform, and Google is still a great search engine, even though they take up most of the clicks these days. However, there isn’t much you can do about this. 

Therefore, as a marketer, you must use these channels for what they are regardless of whether you like them, rather than moaning about Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Instagram. 

Numerous platforms are available for your use, so make the most of them and draw in as many website visitors as possible. Additionally, as we have indicated, social media is more likely to produce immediate results than SEO.

To be clear, we are not advocating that you use one channel—that couldn’t be further from the truth. Utilise all the channels that your clients use by adopting an omnichannel strategy. 

But at least you now understand why, even though we use both of them, and you should too. 

Ready to Grow Website Visitors Through Social Media?

Want to contribute to increasing online engagement?  Get in touch with our content marketing agency, Chatter Digital. We can help simplify your social media strategy by creating the content, so all you need to do is run the ads or boost the posts. 

We also have budget-friendly SEO packages to help grow the number of website visitors checking out your business via search engines.

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