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Want to grow your business on Twitter? Then you need more than just the hashtags! You need to be across the top Twitter trends in the world happening right now!

While hashtags play a crucial role in increasing visibility and growing your network on Twitter, you need some other ingredients to brew the perfect networking pot. Like the other social media platforms, Twitter has some trends you need to follow to grow your business. 

If you are wondering what those Top Twitter Trends might be, this blog post is for you! We will discuss the top Twitter trends your potential audience might be following and that you should consider engaging in.

Top Twitter Trends That Are Impacting Psychology and Culture Globally

Twitter has over 330 million active users every month, which is growing. Twitter is an excellent platform for reaching a large audience. It is the best place to share and spread your thoughts and ideas without writing hundreds of thousands of words. 

While short and punchy tweets with relevant hashtags will never get old on Twitter, Twitterati’s have also adopted a new marketing approach. After analysing up to 1 billion tweets over two years, these are the three top Twitter trends found in 2022:

The Fan-Built Worlds
Finance Gone Social
The Great Restoration

The Fan-Built Worlds

“The Fan Built World” is one of the top Twitter trends in 2022 that refers to the practice of fans creating their versions of pre-existing fictional worlds. This can be fan fiction, fan art, or even cosplay. The trend seems to have started as a way for fans to express their love for a franchise, but it has also become a way for fans to connect and share their creative work.

In recent years, the trend has also gained popularity among those who create original works of fiction; after all, what could be more fun than world-building with other passionate fans? Whether a fan of an existing franchise or an author of original works, the “The Fan Built Worlds” trend is a great way to connect with other creatives.

For example, one tweet shows a new design for the TIE Defender, a starship from the Star Wars universe that was only seen in one comic book. The design is much sleeker and more advanced-looking than the original, and it’s clear that a lot of thought and effort went into making it.

Fan Built Worlds Tweet on Twitter

How Does This Twitter Trend Affect Marketers?

While some marketers might see this trend as a threat, it presents a unique opportunity. Marketers can tap into a new audience by connecting with these fans and understanding their passions. In addition, by supporting fan-created content, marketers can build goodwill and potentially create brand ambassadors for life. Remember, your potential customers will have a diverse mix of interests!

For example, one tweet shows a new design for the TIE Defender, a starship from the Star Wars universe that was only seen in one comic book. The design is much sleeker and more advanced-looking than the original, and it’s clear that a lot of thought and effort went into making it.

Finance Gone Social on Twitter

Another new trend is emerging on Twitter. Twitter users have started to share their thoughts and experiences about finance. And the response is humongous. This trend is driven by a growing awareness of social media’s role in financial decision-making.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing messages, it can be challenging to know who to trust when it comes to financial advice.

Users can get honest opinions and recommendations from their peers by turning to Twitter. This trend is prevalent among millennials, who are often more comfortable seeking financial advice from social media than from traditional sources such as banks, brokers, advisors or investment firms.

Of course, you must be careful about who you follow and what information you put out there. In a lot of countries, you have to be appropriately licenced to give out financial advice.

Finance Tips Tweet on Twitter

How Does This Trend Affect Twitter Marketers?

There are a lot of benefits to this trend for marketers. It allows them to connect with their target audience on a platform they already use. Finance is a complex topic, and by engaging with users on Twitter, marketers can help to break down the barriers and make them accessible to everyone.

In addition, this trend also provides an opportunity for marketers to build trust and credibility with their audience. By providing valuable information and resources, marketers can show that they’re experts in their field and are here to help.

The Great Restoration Trend on Twitter

Great Restoration is the last on the list of our top Twitter trends for 2022. Businesses and marketers use this trend to bring awareness to environmental restoration sustainability. The Great Restoration is a global movement working to bring people together to help restore the planet. The movement’s goal is to reverse the trend of environmental degradation and build a sustainable future for all.

The Great Restoration is based on the belief that humans are part of nature and that we are responsible for protecting it. We are working to create a world where people and nature can thrive together. We do this by restoring ecosystems, protecting wildlife, and promoting sustainable practices.

The Great Restoration Tweet on Twitter

How Does This Trend Affect Marketers?

As more people become aware of the Great Restoration, they demand that brands take action to support this movement. For example, they are looking for brands that use recycled materials, donate to environmental charities, or commit to reducing their carbon footprint.

In addition, they are also interested in brands that support local farmers and producers. As a result, the Great Restoration significantly impacts how marketers communicate with consumers. There are platforms like that are available for green businesses to promote their services and, in doing so, can generate carbon offsets through their subscription.

For example, American billionaire and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, commended Pres Buhari’s leadership role and Nigeria’s commitment to fighting climate change at the #COP26 side-event on “Accelerating land restoration in Africa, the case of the Great Green Wall initiative” in Glasgow, UK.

Other Top Twitter Trends in 2022 That You Must Try

Branded Audio Content

Branded audio content is advertising that incorporates a brand’s message into an audio clip, such as a podcast or radio ad. This advertising can effectively reach a target audience on Twitter, allowing the brand to align itself with a popular show or host.

Optimised Mobile Experience

The Twitter app’s optimised mobile experience feature has been designed specifically for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This experience is vital for businesses as the trend has been for more people to use mobile devices to access the internet. An optimised mobile experience can help to improve customer satisfaction and conversions by providing a user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a type of online video that is broadcast in real-time. News organizations often use this type of video to provide live coverage of events. Still, it can also be used by businesses to stream live events, such as product launches or conferences. Live streaming can effectively engage customers and build buzz around a product or service on Twitter.

Twitter's Direct Message Tool

Twitter’s direct message tool is a great way to communicate with other Twitter users privately. You can use the tool to send and receive messages and share photos and videos. To use the tool, simply click on the “Messages” tab on the left-hand side of your Twitter home page.

Making Use of Photos and Animated Gifs on Twitter

Photos are a great way to add visual interest to your tweets. You can use photos to highlight important information, share a funny moment, or simply add some personality to your tweets. When selecting a photo to include in a tweet, ensure that it is relevant and adds value to the tweet.

Animated gifs are a fun way to add some flair to your tweets. Gifs can be used to express an emotion, show off a skill, or simply make your tweets more visually interesting. When using gifs, ensure they are relevant and add value to the tweet.

Final Thoughts on the Top Twitter Trends in 2022

Keeping up with the top Twitter trends is surely a great marketing strategy. However, it doesn’t mean that you should follow the trends blindly. It is always best to research and ensure that a particular trend aligns with your brand, its messages, and the audience you want to target.

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