6 Tips To Develop Your Personal Brand On Social Media

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Developing your personal brand on social media should be considered one of the most demanding aspects of branding. 

It requires lots of work and utilizing the right techniques and approaches to reaching your online community. When you successfully develop your brand online, it creates room for numerous opportunities. 

How do you move from launching your brand to developing your social media community then? Let’s look at these practical steps to help you get started.

A brand for a person is like a reputation. You earn reputation by doing things that stand out and are impressive

Use Search Engine Optimized Keywords On Your Profile Description

Social media is a highly competitive market with loads of thriving brands in all niches across the globe. What singles most brands from others is how updated their bio and profile are on social media. 

Interestingly, all social media platforms work with search engine optimization algorithms. Brands that have their social media accounts pop up in the search sections have up-to-date information on their Bio or profile.

To bring your brand to the top searched list of your niche, ensure your Bio or profile is updated with keywords in your marketplace. 

Utilizing this technique effectively would not only help build traffic to your brand on all social media platforms but also help increase sales and engagement. Avoid writing irrelevant details on your profile if they do not help answer any potential question by your consumers.

Create Your Personal Brand Within A Specific Niche 

Beginners with no idea on how to start up a personal brand end up switching between several niches over a short period. 

A few years before now, the idea of being a ‘Jack of all trades’ might have earned you a few followers on your page. However, in recent times, people have always been known to reach out to brands that share similar interests with their needs. 

Before starting or promoting your brand, ensure you narrow down your interests into a niche. What this does is to help you successfully build the traffic of readers, buyers, viewers, and a community committed to your brand in the long run. 

When a fashion vlogger begins to publish content around crypto-security continuously for months, she starts to leave her viewers confused. Also, when your followers can relate to your content and posts, they engage without stress which helps boost sales and awareness.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts For Consistency 

Before personal brands launch their products, they often have no idea about the level of commitment running a social media account entails. 

There is content creation, responding to private messages, keeping up with comments from your posts, and as expected, taking orders. These tasks can be time-consuming and extremely demanding even for the best influencers and digital marketing agencies. 

However, with the aid of technology and the invention of schedule applications, personal brand owners and influencers have everything under control. There are tons of social media apps on Google play store and iOS stores for proper scheduling of contents. 

Apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout are easy-to-use and compatible with all social media platforms. You can now make content and schedule them ahead without the worries of keeping your platform void.

Leverage Your Contacts 

We are always eager to build a community of potential followers and subscribers on social media that we forget our immediate contacts. 

You’d be surprised to know that you have tens and hundreds of people on your contact list on all social media platforms. Leveraging these contacts is a known method of developing your brand on social media. You can easily import these contacts on social media from Outlook, Gmail, or personal phone book.

Since everyone almost registers their social media accounts with their mobile number, each platform directs you to their accounts. You can take advantage of your immediate contact list as the first group of followers on viewers on your platform. 

When other potential viewers, subscribers, listeners, and buyers notice that you have an existing community, they are prompt to become interested in your content.

Before starting or promoting your brand, ensure you narrow down your interests into a niche

Being a part of a larger community of personal brand owners like you gives you an edge in developing your social media. 

To your advantage, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook offer you a chance to connect with other similar industry users via groups. These groups are known to create and share trending tops, up-to-date information, solve the solution to lasting issues and so more. 

You can also get creative by utilizing certain information on these groups as a foundation for your next content. However, it’d be foul to plagiarize contents directly from these group platforms as they might belong to someone else. 

Note that these groups are mainly filled up with leading competitors in your niche, and are strongly instrumental when updating your social media community.

Be Opened To Feedback And Work On Negative Reviews

What differentiates you from existing brands with millions of followers is their ability to leverage consumer feedback effectively. This is often underrated among social media influencers and personal brand owners today. 

The ability to understand what your followers expect from your brand is a factor that could boost your brand awareness. What people fail to understand is that the traditional referral method still works perfectly even in today’s vast market 

When you address a follower or customer’s feedback and negative reviews in your next post, product, or service, you win their trust. In turn, this consumer does not only leave a positive review but also spread the word among friends and family. Gradually, this becomes a feature that is widely associated with your brand.

Why Should I Develop My Brand?

In conclusion, the only reason you should pay this much attention to developing your personal brand on social media is to increase sales and opportunities – and who doesn’t want to do that? 

No matter what you use your social media account for, there are various ways to make sales from social media these days. 

When you have a social media platform and a personal brand that is interesting, engaging and reflects who you are and what is important to you, then you will attract the right opportunities that will lead you to success.

If you would like Chatter Digital to create, schedule and post custom content to develop your personal brand, get in contact with us to learn more, or view our services. We are extremely cost effective, providing you an exception return on investment. 

Good luck in your personal branding journey!

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