Hashtags on Twitter: Boost Your Twitter Reach in 2022

Grow Your Audience in 2022 Using Hashtags on Twitter

So you want to learn how to use hashtags on Twitter?

You have created a Twitter account (take a look at ours here) and have spent several hours putting together an awesome Twitter thread. However, despite posting quality content, your tweets are not getting enough reach! Why?

One of the factors may be that your tweets lack relevant and effective “hashtags”! For that reason, we are going to explain how you can boost your Twitter engagement and grow your audience using hashtags on Twitter!

Importance Of Hashtags On Twitter

Why use hashtags on Twitter? Hashtags or the pound symbol (#) are being used on Twitter by many influencers, brand campaigns, and people to boost the visibility of their content. When you start including hashtags on your Tweet, it is linked to many other posts having the same hashtag, and it becomes effortless for people to find the content they are interested in or to follow trending topics or news. 

Hashtags are such a great way to let your content be discoverable. People interested in what you tweet about will target your content more regularly, and eventually, your reach and follower base will grow. Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are the three social media platforms where hashtags are used the most by creators and users. Follow a hashtag on Twitter that you find interesting and see how useful a tool it is for yourself!

The most approachable and trending hashtags are on the “Explore page” of Twitter. Brands usually use these hashtags combined with self-made ones to increase brand engagement. 

Trending Niches And Their Hashtags on Twitter

The best way to look for trending Twitter Hashtags is to check the most trending posts. Usually, the trending hashtags vary according to location, curiosity, and whom you follow. By searching for a specific location on Twitter, you can find the latest and hottest hashtags in a single click.

You can also find the trending hashtags by clicking on the ‘What’s Happening Header.’

Trending Hashtags on Twitter

Some of the trending hashtags for each day of the week on Twitter include:

  • #MotivationMonday
  • #TransformationTuesday
  • #WisdomWednesday
  • #ThrowbackThursday
  • #FeelGoodFriday
  • #ShoutoutSaturday
  • #SundayFunday
PS. If you want to look at the best hashtags to use for each day of the week on Instagram, we have covered it in an extensive article here.

How to Search and Use Hashtags on Twitter

The relevancy of hashtags on Twitter plays a vital role in boosting your content!

One of the common mistakes that most people make is they add too many irrelevant hashtags on Twitter posts. That’s not how hashtags work! Your tweet can reach millions even if you only use 2 to 3 relevant hashtags!

If you are having trouble finding the relevant hashtags on Twitter for your niche/brand, here are some ways that can help:

1.    Hashtags.org:

Hashtags.org is an excellent tool for finding popular or trending hashtags and can provide you some analytical data to support it as well! 

2.    RiteTag:

Another brilliant tool for your Twitter hashtags is RiteTag. It also plays a good role in engaging your content and maximizing the reach. It yearly costs only $49 and finds you the popular and trending hashtags with detailed data and stats. RiteTag is easy for your budget as you can get back double or triple the amount once you have invested in the right one.

3.    Trendsmap:

Lastly, another cool application to boost and grow your audience is Trendsmap. It shows the newest and arising hashtags anywhere on the planet. After bringing this tool into use,  you will be able to see topic discussions and reactions from different locations. On its page, you will see detailed statistics and analysing data.

How to Use Branded Hashtags on Twitter

A branded hashtag is a special hashtag for your brand that might include its product name, any sort of slogan, variety etc. For Brand Ambassadors, influencers, Vloggers, and Bloggers, branded hashtags provide a pathway to build originality, sell products, etc.

But the question is how to use branded hashtags for proper hashtag marketing. Here’s how:


1.    Celebrating Notable Days and Holidays

One smart way to use Twitter hashtags is to use them when celebrating national (#Christmas) or global (#Women’s Day). This trick works for significant holidays and notable days and can also be used for lesser-known celebrations. For instance, you can use the hashtags for #NationalPancakeDay or #NationalBurger, or #NationalEmojiDay with your community. The trick is to make the most of the highly relevant celebrations to promote your product or brand!

Branded Hashtags on Twitter

2.    Joining a Weekly Challenge or Trend

Have you ever wondered why popular businesses use hashtags like #Throwbackthurday, #Mondaymotivation, #FeelGoodFriday, etc.? Well, that’s because it’s a part of Twitter Hashtag campaigns. Many twitter Hashtags are a part of weekly Twitter challenges or trends. And these hashtags can take your reach from 0 to 100 in just a few seconds! Don’t believe us; try it for yourself. Become a part of the Twitter Challenge by using the relevant hashtags and see how it goes for you.

Weekly Challenges on Twitter

3.    Supporting a Cause on Twitter

Another smart way to use branded hashtags in your tweets is to support a cause (#Blacklivesmatter, #AdoptNotShop, #StopHateForProfit, etc.). With consumers becoming more socially aware, brands need to stand up for a cause. Per the #BrandsGetReal survey by Sprout Social, 70% of consumers want brands to stand up for social causes.

Supporting a cause will increase your brand image and improve your brand’s visibility on Twitter.

Support a Cause on Twitter

4.    Joining Discussions on Relevant Topics on Twitter

Relevant hashtags on Twitter are very important, whether you post about general interest topics (#Marketing, #fashion, #nature, etc.) or most heated topics (#Cryptocurrency, #Metaversa, #NASA, etc.). It will help your post gain more visibility among the right audience.

Twitter Discussions

5.    Connecting with Pop Culture Trends on Twitter

When it comes to pop culture topics, Twitter is the conversation hub. And that’s a great way to increase your brand visibility. You can join the pop culture discussions and use the relevant hashtag for the topic. In return, your tweet will get more reach.

Connecting with Pop Culture Trends on Twitter

6.    Tweeting About Events and Conferences

Whether participating in an industry conference (#SocialMediaWeek) or popular events (#Grammays), using the relevant hashtags in your tweet can impact your brand visibility. Even if you are not making an appearance, you can join the conversations related to the event using relevant hashtags on Twitter. It will also boost your brand visibility and tweet reach.

Tweet about events and conferences

7.    Promoting Brand Campaigns

Twitter hashtags come in handy for brand and product promotions. The best thing about product or brand campaign hashtags is finding relevant hashtags for a certain marketing campaign or the product itself. Moreover, Twitter also allows you to create branded hashtag campaigns. So that you can collect user-generated content that will help boost your brand visibility.

Promoting Brand Campaigns on Twitter

Dos And Don't Of Using Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter Dos:

  • Keep your Hashtag precise and short.
  • Must keep it relevant to your content.
  • For a 2-3 word hashtag, always capitalize the first alphabet (#FlashbackFriday.)
  • Use hashtags consistently.
  • Keep the spelling easy to read and remember.
  • Give individuals a reason to use your hashtag.

Twitter Don’ts:

  • Space, punctuation, or special characters in the hashtag.
  • Over hashtag.
  • Capitalizing the whole hashtag (#NATURE).
  • Irrelevant usage of the hashtag.

Wrapping Up Our Tips on Using Hashtags on Twitter

Using hashtags on Twitter is a powerful avenue for brand success and brand recognition. It is not wrong to say that a brand can become viral overnight with the right set of hashtags used at the right time! There’s a reason why many fast food brands create their own hashtags.

Once you understand the significance of using Twitter hashtags and how to make the most out of them, there’s no stopping your brand from getting popular and trending!

All of our social media content plans and content packs come with hashtag research. This means that the content we create for you will get maximum relevant exposure to your target audience.  

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