What is One of the Simplest SEO Strategies to Implement?

Image of key with words that form part of the simplest SEO strategies to grow website traffic

This article will discuss one of the simplest SEO strategies we’ve ever employed as a business. 

People believe that SEO is all hard work and no play. And yes, much labour-intensive work is involved if you want to see long-term results with your SEO. Anything worthwhile, like SEO, demands a serious commitment from you – whether your time or investment in an SEO agency like Chatter Digital.

However, that does mean that you can’t develop strategies to make SEO simpler to implement.

In reality, we have one extremely straightforward SEO tactic that works well. It does much of the grunt work for us, and we rely on it often. 

Even though we’ve been doing SEO for a long time, we occasionally encounter obstacles and require assistance to go over them. There is a lot of demand for our time and resources as a business; therefore, we need to identify ways to streamline, delegate, and simplify our process.

The simplest SEO strategies are revealed below…

We make use of AI or Artificial Intelligence.

We need assistance from AI with our SEO, from keyword research to content creation to meta text. We always seek fresh ideas that might simplify and make life easier. 

One of the most widely used emerging technologies that businesses of all sizes may use is AI, which is quickly gaining popularity. As of 2021, 86% of CEOs claim that AI is a common form of technology in their workplaces.

AI helps tie together everything we need for our SEO approach, which is an essential tool. According to Gartner. 91.5% of top companies consistently spend money on AI. In fact, one of their reports suggested that 33% of technology companies plan to spend more than $1M on AI over the next 2 years. For businesses using AI, customer happiness is anticipated to increase by 25% over the following year. Can you afford not to be using it?

AI assists us in analysing the connection between our website, our content, and our rankings and enables us to make quick adjustments so we can keep outranking our rivals – and help you outrank your rivals.

AI also aids our ability to spot opportunities, such as cutting-edge or trending topics in our sector. Issues we need to be across and our customers want to know about. 

Additionally, AI assists us in optimising for conversions by providing insights into how each page can achieve its objective, such as;

  • conversion to a sale, sign-up, or subscription
  • to divert them to another location
  • to update out-of-date key information 

30% of AI adopters noted a 6 to 10% rise in revenue after integrating the new AI-based technology, according to Outranking

Now that’s significant growth. You may have heard about GPT-3, a machine learning tool that uses AI. Public access to it has been made possible by Open AI. You should check it out since it’s fantastic. 

It is currently taking over the SEO industry, and many top software engineers are paying attention. It is used by numerous tools, including Search Atlas, CopySmith, Jasper, Copy.ai, and others, to integrate with their applications.

AI has an impact to help simplify content marketing, making it more straightforward for you to produce SEO material on a large scale. 

We recommend you check our Jasper AI. Jasper AI enables you to create content on any topic you want and can find appropriate language patterns. However, because it can produce content with comparatively minimal inputs, it is also very beneficial to SEO users that require a lot of content quickly. 

You can use tools in Jasper AI to produce themes, headlines, meta tags, and even entire articles. You can also use these tools to construct blog outlines and choose the material you want to write for each paragraph. It is also effortless to combine with human input, which is still critical to put the finishing touches to any piece of content.

Using these technologies is one of the simplest SEO strategies you can leverage to make your content creation job easier. It allows you to produce more material more quickly, increasing your SEO traffic. 

Platforms like Jasper AI also offer a tonne of inspiration, which could be helpful if you’re stuck on ideas for your creative work. For title and topic generation, meta tag generation, and occasionally even the creation of an outline, we enjoy depending on AI. 

The best part is that it’s completely automatic, and you save a tonne of time. What are some of the simplest SEO strategies you have come across?

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