4 SEO Tips to Write Search Engine Friendly Content

SEO Tips for Search Engine Friendly Content

Blog writing may not sound complicated, but writing SEO or search engine friendly content for your blog can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with it.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the skill by which you can rank your content as high as possible in Search Engine Results (SERPs), thus driving relevant clicks and traffic to your website.

SEO Tips to Write Search Engine Friendly Content

There are many ways to create SEO-optimised content, but here are 4 of the best SEO tips that will hold your content writing in good stead. Implement these SEO tips into your content writing, and you will have a great chance to rank highly in search engine results.

Topic Research

Researching your topic is the critical first step before you start your blog content. Check that you are following all these research steps.

1. Identify a topic that will be interesting to your target market.

2. Research which keyword or long-tail keywords you want to target in the blog article. It would be best to look at the volume of search engine traffic for that keyword and how competitive that keyword is. There are several free tools to help with this research offered by prominent SEO firms like The HOTHFat Joe and Ubersuggest.

3. Google the keywords you are targeting and review the articles that currently rank on the first page. What type of content are they covering, how long are their articles, and what is the article’s structure? How can you make your blog article better for the end-user?

Content Structure

When writing a blog article, you have to consider a lot more than just your words. SEO involves many other on-page strategies to help your blog stand out from the crowd and rank high with search engines. Add these items to your blog writing checklist.


Use headings and have your keywords embedded naturally into H1, H2 and H3 headings. If you need some inspiration for titles, try AI tools like Jasper that can help generate ideas for you.

External Links

Think about what links you can use in your blog article that adds value to the reader. It may be a source of reference for statistics or a place where the reader can get more in-depth knowledge on a topic you have mentioned.

Internal Links

Look for opportunities to include internal links within your blog to other website sections. This can help users navigate to sales pages or another exciting article you have written. It can also assist search engines in finding and indexing your site.

Images & Videos

Top-ranking blog articles often include relevant images or videos to enhance the readers’ experience and help them get the answers they are looking for quickly.

An important SEO tip is to embed these videos from YouTube or Vimeo rather than upload the video directly to your blog. Doing this will assist with your page loading times which play a role in search engine optimisation.

If you are not familiar with crucial page speed metrics, check our free tools like GT Metrix and Google Page Speed Insights.

Using the Right Language

To write search engine friendly content, you need to consider the language style best to connect with your target audience. What tone are you aiming for? Do you want it to sound information, descriptive, exciting or optimistic? Do you want to be professional or have a more friendly, relaxed tone?

Tools like Grammarly are excellent for helping you write your blog in the style and tone you want.

Plagiarism Checkers

A common SEO practice is to get ideas from top-ranking pages on search engines, but it is critical to make sure your article content is your own and unique.

Plagiarism checkers allow you to measure the percentage of an article that is plagiarised and where the original content. Tools like Editpad.org will enable you to paste your content, and it will give you results so you can make edits as necessary. Both these tools come with Chrome extensions which allow you to use the tools on the go in documents or emails.

If you follow these four SEO tips in your content writing process, you will be off to a fantastic start in creating a high-quality, search engine friendly content. 

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